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Web Design

We design and build Ecommerce websites, content management systems and provide web hosting.

Getting Started With Web Design

ASPCache is a high-performance, thread-safe, collection component designed to make it easy to cache data and page fragments in Active Server Pages. ASPCache supports adding, updating, retrieving, and removing cached items; flushing (removal) of items that have not been used in a while; item expiration, in which items are automatically removed after they have lived in the cache for their designated lifetime; and page fragment caching. ASPCache's collection functionality is highly optimized & SEO friendly --SEO Consultants show that ASPCache is 20 times faster than the ASP Application objects and helps optimise your site 300 times faster than the Commerce.Dictionary from Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0.

Quick Links & Jobs

The following links provide additional information about using Website Design and some of the people behind the project.

IP*Works! ASP Edition is specially designed and optimized for ASP programming. Its 30 components include the standard IP*Works! components, plus higher level components such as WebUpload, WebForm, FileMailer, and TraceRoute. A complete array of sample ASP pages, including demonstrations on how to access Web Services such as Yahoo Stock Quotes and UPS Address Verification Tools are also included.

Vacancies in Web & Software Development

If you are looking for a job in Software Development in Hampshire, try searching CV Room (  They have a lot of jobs in Basingstoke, not just in Software development.  For Web Design Basingstoke, try Solvd Ltd - they have years of experience & are experts in CMS websites.

Gatsby Database Explorer generates a rich interface with three integrated views that allows users to edit, view and search database content over an intranet or extranet. You don't need to know any programming or hire an outside consultant. You'll get a rapid solution, without having to waste internal time and resources.


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